Landis+Gyr wins 10 million Euro smart meter deployment with Finnish Utility

With significant technological progress and firm backing from governments and influencers, smart metering is set to revolutionise energy management and grid reliability across the globe. It provides utilities with the data required to manage energy use, efficiency, demand response and revenue protection. Their customers benefit from lower energy costs, and, crucially, a reduced carbon footprint.

The investment will allow Vaasan Sähköverkko to revolutionise its energy and cost-efficiency and service offers through process re-engineering that forms an integral part of the AMM solution. The system provides, for example, real-time energy consumption information, making billing clearer and enabling residents to track their own energy use.

Before making the decision to invest, Vaasan Sähköverkko carried out an in-depth analysis of the advantages of AMM and tested several suppliers' hardware and systems.

Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy CEO, Juha Rintamäki, explains: “We decided to work with Landis+Gyr because their technology provides the required functionality with the most affordable overall outlay throughout the remote reading system’s entire lifetime.”

“Switching to a wide-reaching automatic reading of electricity meters is not only profitable, but also a strategic investment that gives us the future benefits of metering information. Switching the meters en masse right now is the result of the old meters' technical lifetime’s expiry. Automatic reading improves our customers’ electricity billing in both transparency and clarity. Real-time consumption information enables our customers to track their own energy consumption and energy savings.”

Rauno Leinonen, Sales Director, at Landis+Gyr in Finland, comments: “We have already undertaken a number of significant contracts across Europe and are delighted to now be working with Vaasa in Finland. Consumer research has demonstrated a huge demand for smart metering and its ability to reduce both cost and carbon. All major utilities are only too aware of the operational benefits that integrated smart metering systems can bring them and there is increasing governmental support for a wholesale transition to smart metering. Vaasa is a pioneer in the Finnish market and we look forward to working with them.”

Landis+Gyr will be responsible for all implementation, including hardware installation, AMM system implementation, training, and the integration of customer data and energy data management control systems. The AMM system, guaranteeing the best possible coverage and cost-effectiveness, is based on a combination of GPRS and low voltage network communication. Installation is made easier by the Site Manager application, with which data can be entered directly into the system while installation and service work is being performed on site. The system is to be fully operational within two years.

For further information contact:
Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy, CEO Juha Rintamäki +358 50 400 7413
Landis+Gyr Enermet Oy, Sales Director Rauno Leinonen +358 40 566 6763