Offer the best in class to your grid customers

No matter how big your customer is whether a power plant, transmission system operator, regional utility or a steel plant, this meter can help them get the most out of metering. With 42 energy values and 41 diagnostic values, the E850 can be tailored to their exact needs, thereby saving money during engineering and installation.

Load change? No money lost!
A fast measurement system delivers accurate values in the profile with short measurement periods and that no money is lost if a load changes. Furthermore, the independent communications functionality gives different parties simultaneous access to data. The second profile allows storage of additional data over a long period of time. In total, the meter has 5 profiles ensuring it can serve all application needs.

Compliant & interoperable
With an open communications protocol, DLMS, and a demonstrated conformity test, the meter is compliant and interoperable. It also has a wide range of communications possibilities including Ethernet TCP/IP, GPRS and PSTN. And when looking where to install the meter, the options are endless – on the wall, in a rack or a cabinet, the meter fits anywhere your customer needs it to go.

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