One million times success

The ZMD and ZMG meters, designed for industrial applications, have one of the most stringent specification guidelines in the metering industry. The level of accuracy needed is far above that required for residential meters. It is because of this high level of accuracy and reliability that customers all over the world have placed their trust in Landis+Gyr and purchased these meters for their industrial end-users.

In February 2008 the one millionth Landis+Gyr ZMD/ZMG meter came off the production line. To mark this significant step in the evolution of meters, the one millionth meter was manufactured in a golden colored case, going into perpetuity in the Landis+Gyr meter museum.

The development of this range of meters was started more than ten years ago when Landis+Gyr took the step of moving towards a modular system, whereby customers can choose meters with or without communications, and in a variety of protocols, whether it be GPRS or PLC. At the time this was a revolutionary step, one vindicated by many competitors copying the idea in the following years.

Andy Spreiter, Executive Vice President and CFO of Landis+Gyr, said, “This impressive number of sold meters demonstrates that the ZMD/G range of meters has been a world wide success, being sold in more than fifty countries worldwide, from China to Germany to Spain.”