Smart metering solutions – meeting utilities’ future needs

The need for smart metering is growing across the world and also in South Africa. Smart metering solutions are advanced energy measurement technologies. They provide utilities and their customers with accurate energy consumption information thereby optimising power generation, distribution and consumption.

To manage the scale of these developments, Landis+Gyr has developed state-of-the-art smart metering products and systems. These include Gridstream AIM, a system which enhances utility processes by gathering, managing and refining metering data and passing it onwards to the utility’s different IT systems.

The software is based on open standards and protocols; open system architecture enables integration with existing utility systems and infrastructure. The software enables expanding portfolio of third party meters covered, as it utilises IP-based communication technologies, DLMS, PLAN and M-Bus.

Also supporting the Gridstream AIM system is Landis+Gyr’s E450 meter, a new residential smart meter. The meter contains four main functions: flexible smart metering, multi energy metering, remote communication nodes, and it enables personal energy management, thereby enabling direct communication between the utility and the end-user.

The meter was created based on field proven communication technology using open and interoperable standards. Features and functionalities can be upgraded in the future through remote software upgrades. Finally, it has an elegant design and allows for personalisation and corporate identity.

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